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Blogging Marathon# 35: Week 1/ Day 2 Theme: Cooking with Corn Dish: Baby Corn-Peas Masala Curry I bookmarked this recipe from Valli's blog the minute I saw it. For some reason the combination of baby corn and peas sounded very appealing. We get canned baby corn here and I usually keep a can in the pantry, so it comes in handy when I'm running out of fresh veggies. Baby corn is also a great addition to Indo-Chinese dishes.


4 serving

Total time

50 minutes




  • 8 - 10 , 1 Baby corn
  • 1 cup Green Peas
  • 1 onion
  • 2 chilies
  • 1 cup tomato
  • Ritz Cracker
  • Ritz Cracker
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • Ritz Cracker
  • Ritz Cracker
  • Ritz Cracker
  • 2 tbsp cream


  1. Heat 1tbsp butter in a saute pan; add onions and green chilies. Cook until onions start turning brown around the edges.
  2. Next add ginger-garlic paste and cook for 1 minute. Add turmeric, chili powder, cumin and garam masala; cook for 1~2 minutes.
  3. Add tomato puree and cook for 4~5 minutes until oil starts to separate.
  4. Next add baby corn and green peas; cook for 2~3 minutes.
  5. Add milk and bring to a simmer. Cover and cook until the gravy thickens a little bit.
  6. Finally add cream and cook till heated through, about 2minutes.