3 Copy Recipes

Looking for copy? Here is our collection of 3 delicious meal ideas, including: Copy Cat Harry and David Fruit Galettes. Brussels Cookies, just for fun. Cheddar Kale Skillet Cornbread.

Copy Cat Harry and David Fruit Galettes

Copy Cat Harry and David's Fruit Galettes ~ my homemade version of these soft shortbread sandwich cookies filled with fruit preserves are simply amazing.

Brussels Cookies, just for fun

These Copy Cat Pepperidge Farm Brussels Cookies  are dead ringers for the originals…they take a bit of effort, but the result is well worth it! You might already know that I have an obsession with the Pepperidge Farm treats from my childhood....

Cheddar Kale Skillet Cornbread

I’m so excited today to be reviewing a new book from one of my favorite bloggers, Julia Mueller from The Roasted Root.  LET THEM EAT KALE!  is Julia’s second book, and it celebrates an incredible, under-appreciated leafy green that is s...

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