5 Pate Recipes

Looking for pate? Here is our collection of 5 delicious meal ideas, including: Pie crust (pate brisee). Christmas Pâté. Mackerel Pâté.

Pie crust (pate brisee)

Pie crust is the second recipe in “Basic recipe section” in this blog. It is an amazing recipe that can be used for sweet and savory dishes. I love pie crust because the dough can be prepared in ad…

Christmas Pâté

Christmas would not be complete without pâté! This one has hints of classic, warming festive flavours and is utterly delicious.

Mackerel Pâté

Get some omega 3 and vitamin D in your diet with this extremely easy and totally delicious mackerel pâté!

Pâte sablée

Basic pâte sablée recipe.

Sardine Pâté

This super simple but incredibly tasty pâté will go down a treat with fish lovers!

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