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Coconut and peanut aubergine curry

Try our aubergine curry recipe with peanut and coconut. This vegan curry recipe is an easy eggplant curry recipe with coconut. Make this peanut butter curry

Chocolate and peanut caramel tart

Try our chocolate caramel tart recipe with peanuts. This caramel tart with chocolate is an easy tart recipe with nuts. Try this chocolate and caramel tart

Ultimate chocolate fudge cake

Try our ultimate chocolate fudge cake recipe. This easy chocolate cake recipe is the best chocolate fudge cake recipe. Make our moist chocolate cake recipe

Persian rice with lamb

Aromatic basmati rice is flavoured with the juices of lamb shoulder, aubergine, plum tomatoes and combined with sultanas and turmeric.

Spanish pepper and potato omelette

Try our Spanish pepper and potato omelette healthy recipe. This healthy and easy omelette recipe is simple to make, easy Spanish egg omelette recipe

Lamb dhansak

Making a curry from scratch might seem like a faff but we promise once you've made this spicy lamb, squash and lentil curry, you'll never order takeaway again. And as an added bonus it's really light on calories aswell.

Chicken dhansak

Try our chicken dhansak recipe. This is healthy version of chicken dhansak is easy to make, ready in under an hour, high in protein and under 500 calories

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