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Homemade (sugar free!) Grape Soda ~ it has nothing at all in common with the bottled stuff, it's pure fruit, no added sugar, and bursting with grape flavor!


5 servings

Total time

0 minutes






  • 1 lb fresh Grapes
  • 0.5 cup water
  • juice of lemon


  1. Wash the grapes and put them in a heavy bottomed pot, along with the water and lemon juice. Bring the pot to a simmer and continue simmering for about 2o minutes until the grapes have begun to soften. Smash the grapes with the back of a large spoon as they cook.
  2. Transfer the mixture to a food processor and process until completely blended. Let the machine run long enough to get all the grapes completely pureed.
  3. Pass the puree through a mesh strainer, pushing lightly, to get the juice through. Discard any pulp, skin or seeds.
  4. Refrigerate the grape syrup until cold.
  5. To serve, fill a glass with ice and mix half syrup and half sparking water. Garnish with a sprig of basil or mint.
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