7 Lox Appetizer Platter Recipes

Looking for lox appetizer platter? Here is our collection of 7 delicious meal ideas, including: Lox Appetizer Platter. Tunisian Salad Platter or Assiette Tunisienne. Greek Olive Hummus & Crudité Platter.

Lox Appetizer Platter

Check out the tutorial to create a gorgeous delicious Lox Appetizer Platter in under 30 minutes! Use homemade lox (recipe inside) if you are on a budget!

Tunisian Salad Platter or Assiette Tunisienne

Full of fresh, crunchy vegetables, olives, capers and drizzled with a simple red wine vinaigrette, Tunisian Salad Platter (or Assiette Tunisienne) makes an impressive presentation for a buffet!

Greek Olive Hummus & Crudité Platter

I'm not sure about you, but I'm a huge fan of hummus. I love the earthy texture, the garlic-lemon undertones and really I'm just a fan of the art of dipping.  I especially love hummus

Festive Olive Wreath Appetizer

My Festive Olive Wreath Appetizer is such a fun appetizer for the holidays ~ olives are easy, they're healthy, and fit just about every diet out there.

Baked Cheese—the most romantic appetizer ever

Simple Baked Cheese ~ a memorable appetizer that's as easy as it sounds. It works equally well for game night and date night!

Whipped Feta with Truffled Mushrooms Appetizer

Make this Whipped Feta with Truffled Mushrooms Appetizer for your next party. Your guests will be addicted to these little bites of savory heaven!

Shrimp Rangoon Mini Bell Peppers Appetizer

This Shrimp Rangoon Mini Bell Pepper appetizer is sure to catch everyone's eye! The fusion of flavors is amazing and will have everyone going back for more.

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