Frequently asked questions

What exactly is HeyFood?

Glad you asked! HeyFood is an all-in-one smart recipe app coming soon to iOS and Android.

“Smart” recipe app?

Very smart. Like, cooking a recipe from start to finish without touching your screen smart. It’s controlled by your voice and will revolutionise home cooking. We’re calling it Sticky Finger Mode.

And that’s just the beginning. Share your likes and dislikes and HeyFood will intelligently suggest recipes that you’re most likely to love, making the discovery of meal ideas easy and fun.

Wow! Anything else?

We’re just getting warmed up! Save recipes from anywhere. Seen a great new curry recipe in a cookbook? Take a photo and HeyFood will convert it to a smart recipe so you can hands-free cook the hell out of it! Same with the web, paste a URL into the app and it’ll extract the recipe and save it for your personal use.

For the rest of our powerful features, read here.

Who is behind the app?

HeyFood was conceived by Lucy Hencher and Dean Walton. Lucy heads up the marketing side while Dean is in charge of design and development. Read more here.

When will the app be released?

Great question! We are looking to release in the autumn, following beta testing in late summer and our Kickstarter campaign which is due to go live before the end of July.

Who do I speak to with my other questions?

That’ll be Lucy – email us at


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