Frequently asked questions

How many views does an average recipe receive?

Unfortunately we cannot disclose this yet as the app is still in development stage. It will vary by recipe, but we will know more when we enter beta testing. We’re due to begin a Kickstarter campaign soon to gain exposure and day one downloaders.

Are there any links to my site?

There will be a link from your profile in the app to your website.

What is the recipe adding process?

From your point of view the whole process is automated. We use your RSS feed to pull in new recipes as you add them to the blog.

Is credit attributed to me?

Yes. Every recipe you add will be attributed to you and will link back to your profile on HeyFood.

If I’m unhappy for any reason can I remove my recipes from HeyFood?

Yes you can, simply email and we’ll remove all content within 7 days.

I’m with [ad network name], would there be a conflict if I became a publisher?

Being with [ad network name] for your ads won’t conflict with us because we aren’t an advertising network and our traffic would be a totally seperate source. Our revenue comes from in-app subscription fees so we would basically be paying you each time one of your recipes gets viewed.

Can I still publish recipes on my own site (blog)?

Yes of course. Our agreement is a non-exclusive one meaning that you can publish your recipes anywhere else you see fit.

Can I use my own recipes to make my own book?

Yes, see above.

Can I sell the same food images that I will use at HeyFood? (as long as they are royalty free and I haven’t given out any exclusive licence)?

Yes, see above.

How can you pay $10+ CPM for my recipes?

Due to the way our revenue model works (subscriptions rather than advertising), we are able to offer much higher CPM rates, starting at $10. There aren’t many advertising networks that can come close to that figure and the best part is that money earned through HeyFood will always be seperate to web advertising on your blog.

How will publisher payments be made?

Payments will be made on a Net 45 basis (for example, ad revenue booked during the month of June would be paid out on or before August 15th). We will support wire transfers and PayPal payments to begin with.

Do we have access to analytics?

Publishers will have access to enterprise level analytics in order to track exactly where revenue is coming from along with which recipes are the most popular.


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