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If you are looking for an easy, no bake, no muss, no fuss treat you can make for 4th of July (or anytime this Summer), look no further. This s'mores bark is perfect for the holiday weekend! I was inspired to make this after staring down a "campfire bar" at Trader Joe's testing my will power. Mt husband finally chimed in and said "you could probably make it yourself". Of course I could! Like I said, it's super easy and you only need 4 ingredients: graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, and m&m (totally optional, and only used to add color). If you are already planning on making s'more this Summer, you may already have everything you need! If you have made any sort of bark before, then you don't even need to watch the video to see what to do. The only differenct is that there are graham crackers and marshmallows IN the chocolate layer. That way you get a chunck of cookie or marshmallow in every bite! So, fun story. I took these pictures really quickly with full intention of saving the s'mores bark and taking better ones later... yeah the bark didn't make it that long. We would just grab a piece here or there, abd before I knew it, it was practially all gone. Guess, I better make it again! Actually, if I make it again I would take my husband's advice and torch the marshmallows on top. That was they are nice and charred like an actual s'more! No campfire required!

Total time

10 minutes




  • 1 lb Milk Chocolate (melted)
  • 4 graham crackers
  • ¼ cup mini marshmallows
  • ¼ cup m&m candies (optional)


  1. Line a small rimmed tray with plastic wrap. Pour half of the melted chocolate along the bottom of the tray and spread out into one even layer. Crack 2 of the graham crackers into pieces and sprinkle over top the melted chocolate. Sprinkle on half the marshmallows. Pour the remaining chocolate over top, gently spreading out so that all the graham cracker and marshmallow pieces are covered. Top again with remaining graham cracker, marshmallow, and m&ms. Cover with another sheet of plastic wrap so that it is not touching the chocolate, and place in the freezer to harden for about 30 minutes. Remove from freezer and break into pieces. Serve immediately, or store in a zip top bag in a cool, dry place.
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