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Leeks Sambar is a delicious and comforting dish made with leeks, lentils and sambar powder. It is great to serve as a side dish to any South Indian meal.


4 serving

Total time

40 minutes


  • 1 leek (Medium , thinly sliced)
  • ½ cup Toor dal
  • 1 tsp Turmeric
  • 2 tbsps Coconut (Fresh , grated)
  • to taste Salt
  • 2 tbsps cilantro (, finely chopped)
  • 1 tsp Mustard seeds
  • 1 tsp Methi seeds
  • ¼ tsp Asafoetida (/ hing)
  • 6 ~ 8 Curry leaves
  • 1 tbsp tamarind (paste)
  • 1 ~ 2 tsps Jaggery (, grated (optional))


  1. Cook toor dal until completely tender and mushy.
  2. In a heavy bottom saucepan, heat oil; add the mustard seeds, methi seeds and hing. Once the seeds start to splutter, add the curry leaves and chopped leeks. Cook for about 3~4 minutes.
  3. Add the grated coconut, mix well and cook for a minute.
  4. Now add the tamarind paste, salt and let it simmer for about 3~4 minutes.
  5. In the mean time, whisk sambar powder in ½cup water and add to the pan. Simmer for 2~3 minutes.
  6. Stir in the cooked toor dal along with 1~2 cups of water depending on the desired consistency. Bring to a boil and adjust the seasoning. Add a tiny bit of jaggery if desired. Garnish with chopped cilantro and serve with steamed rice.
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