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Liven up your next gathering with some real party animals! These delicious olive cocktail penguins and radish mice are too cute for words!

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  • 1 carrot slice
  • 1 large olive, cut in half lengthwise
  • 1 medium olive
  • 1 tsp cream cheese
  • 1 long toothpick or cocktail skewer


  1. Cut a small divot from the carrot slice to form the "feet" base.
  2. Roll the cream cheese into a ball and insert between the halves of the large olive. The olive halves can touch at the back, and open out in the front to form the wings.
  3. Take the small carrot divot and cut in half again to form the beak.
  4. Insert the beak into the small hole in the medium olive.
  5. Run the toothpick through the head, down through the body, and into the carrot base.
  6. Lower the head to meet the body, and clean up the cream cheese. Adjust the penguin as necessary.
  7. View the recipe instructions at The View From the Great Island

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