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You can make your own edible flower infused vinegar! These delicate floral vinegar infusions can be used to make subtly flavored dressings for all kinds of salads.  

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  • any light colored vinegar: white, cider, rice wine, or white wine, for instance?
  • edible blossoms such as roses, nasturtiums lavender, impatiens, geranium, etc.


  1. Make sure your flowers are clean and dry.  Put them in a clean jar or bottle, and fill with vinegar, making sure all the flowers are immersed.  Cap or cork the bottle tightly and store in a cool dark place, giving it a gentle shake every day.
  2. Let the vinegar infuse for about 2-3 weeks, then remove the flowers, strain through a coffee filter, and re-bottle.
  3. While plain white vinegar makes the prettiest presentation because it's crystal clear, if you are planning to use your vinegar for salads, you might want to go with a white wine vinegar.

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